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We're proud that our wines have won numerous awards.


Wine awards

We're proud that our wines have received the following awards, as presented by the Mercian Vineyards Association (MVA) at the 2018 Annual Wine Challenge Competition.

White · Solaris 2015 · Bronze
Rosé · Regent Rosé 2016 · Bronze
Red · Cabernet Cortis 2015 · Commended
Red · Cabernet Cortis 2016 · Commended (coming soon)
Red · Regent 2015 · Commended
Red · Regent 2016 · Commended (coming soon)

The MVA is a member of the United Kingdom Vineyards Association and represents different areas of the country, including Northamptonshire. The MVA holds annual Wine Challenges where the best wines from across the country are judged against one another.



There are four different types of European Union wine classifications used within England and Wales which dictate the quality and authenticity of English wine.

1. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Top tier of UK wine

White · Solaris 2015
Red · Regent 2016 (coming soon)

2. Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Second tier of UK wine

White · Solaris 2016
Red · Regent 2015
Rosé · Regent Rosé 2016

3. Varietal

Sits below PGI for UK wine

Red · Cabernet Cortis 2015
Red · Cabernet Cortis 2016 (coming soon)

4. Wine

Most basic category for wine in the UK

For more information, please refer to this guide from the Food Standards Agency which sets out the wine standards.