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Our story

How it all began...

Lowick Vineyard, an English family vineyard in the heart of Lowick, Northamptonshire

An 18th century house situated in Lowick, Northamptonshire was moved into by a crazy family of six in 2006. A car and wine enthusiast father, a doting mother, two loud fifteen year old twins (a boy and a girl), a sport loving newly turned teenage boy, and a one-year-old baby crawling behind.

The house was accompanied by a five acre meadow which to the naked eye was overgrown and underused. Many discussions were held as to what the land could be used for including a lake or truffle production. However, one sunny day in late 2010, our father, accompanied by his close friend and a dog, aptly named Fizz, utilising their existing knowledge regarding wine, noticed that the sun was shining in the right direction and the hill was south facing. The soil was tested in 2011, an idea born and a vine was planted. Lowick Vineyard began its journey.

Five thousand vines later and a first Solaris vintage produced in 2015. Awards have been won and a two man (and a dog’s) dream has now become a reality.

Lowick Vineyard is centred around family, passion and invention and we hope that comes across to our customers in the taste of our wine. As a family and on behalf of Lowick Vineyard, we are proud to present our handcrafted wine for your enjoyment.